Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Traveling Happiness Moly

I bought a shiny new Moleskine Pocket Japanese Accordian Album at the paper store at NK in Stockholm in June. I have created my first two "spreads" in this very cool folded book, and sent it away to Hong Kong!

My spread looks like this:

My first pages in Moly-x-28

and it continues on to the second spread:

My first pages in Moly-x-28

My theme is happiness and I've called this book The Traveling Happiness Moleskine! I hope each member will do what ever makes them happy in this book! Write a list about what makes you happy, paint the dog or weather or what ever that makes you happy or just doodle, collage or... just try to smile and create! ;-)

This is how it looked when I sent it away:

Not much...

I wonder how bulky and beautiful it will be when it returns to me? I feel like telling all the x-28-members to hurry up! Do your stuff and sent each book away fast - I want to see, feel, make, create! Now! But I guess we all have a lot of stuff in our lives that we need to attend to too.

This is my whole book right now:

My first entry
I like the forward motion, it so fits the book style and I hope it invites to continues fun!

Looking forward to doing another spread in the next book to arrive... soon I hope.

PS: Welcome to visit my own blog too!


Dawn said...

Hanna: This looks so wonderful!!!!

rockronie said...

Yes this is really beautiful.

Sorry guys that I just found out that I need to go through a big surgery. Dunno when will that happen but I'll be definitely behind in our moly exchange. I'll try to do that as soon as possible. Please forgive me.

iHanna said...

Dawn: thank you!

rockronie: oh now! I hope you're okay? Don't worry about us, worry about your health and take care! You can always send the book on to the next person if you feel you won't have time for this at all? Take care!

Dawn said...

Rockronie: I hope all goes OK! Don't worry about this, just get yourself better...THAT's what matters. We're all thinking of you! Let us know how you're doing, K?