Friday, October 31, 2008

Silver lining in the mail

Kira's moly-x-28 book I picked up Kira's beautiful little moly at the post office today. Thanks Dawn for sending it, I enjoyed looking at both your and Kira's pages. :-) Now, I need to ponder what silver lining my dark clouds do bring...

Kira's pages in her own book. Beautiful work.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kira’s Moly

I'm sending Kira's Moly on to Hanna this week...Then I will work in Ronny's and so on...Not real happy with how this turned out, but here it is:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dawn is typography to me

In Dawn Sokol's moly

This blog has been un-appropriately (!) neglected by all of us during this round-robin moly-exchange-thing. I guess it's because Ronny is sick and both me, Kira and Dawn have very active blogs (and other projects) of our own that takes up a lot of time. The exchange is continuing anyway and books are being filled.

In Dawn Sokol's moly

Dawn's book came to visit me here in Sweden in September and it's already with Ronny in Hong-Kong as I write this. I did take pictures before I sent it off and here is the proof of that today. Enjoy and please comment if you visit this blog! Thanks!

In Dawn Sokol's moly

When I think of Dawn I think of typography, I guess it's because she uses words and letters so much as her art form in her journals! In the first pages of her own Moly she has written names of countries in different colors and nothing more. It makes a visually interesting spread and I couldn't continue with anything else than, that's right; letters and words.

In Dawn Sokol's moly

I choose to cut out words from magazines instead of writing them myself.

In Dawn Sokol's moly

I have no idea how I picked out these words. I think I took words that had a nice font, color and/or meaning to them. Words that sounds nice, sat something nice or interesting or is just plain fun to look at!

In Dawn Sokol's moly

I have no moly to play in yet so I'll see what happens next!