Monday, August 25, 2008

Sorry for being really late

Hi Guys. Sorry for being late.. Very late.. I'm very busy lately so I can't keep up with all the molys. But I'll do better next time. I've sent to Kira today with both mine and Hanna's moly.

My theme is.. what makes you brave?
I have to go through a surgery and I'm having a health condition now. It's not cancer yet but it's soon. And I'm so young!! So I was going through a lot of negative emotions and crying all day. So that's why I got this theme.

Sending both Hanna's and My molys.

I love the theme Happiness. It gives me a lot of inspirations.

I'm making all these during the closing ceremony of the Olympic last night. Haha.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Better Late than Never, I Guess

I finally have my Moly done and will be sending on to Hanna in the next day or two. I went a little crazy and entered all of the countries in the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Traveling Happiness Moly

I bought a shiny new Moleskine Pocket Japanese Accordian Album at the paper store at NK in Stockholm in June. I have created my first two "spreads" in this very cool folded book, and sent it away to Hong Kong!

My spread looks like this:

My first pages in Moly-x-28

and it continues on to the second spread:

My first pages in Moly-x-28

My theme is happiness and I've called this book The Traveling Happiness Moleskine! I hope each member will do what ever makes them happy in this book! Write a list about what makes you happy, paint the dog or weather or what ever that makes you happy or just doodle, collage or... just try to smile and create! ;-)

This is how it looked when I sent it away:

Not much...

I wonder how bulky and beautiful it will be when it returns to me? I feel like telling all the x-28-members to hurry up! Do your stuff and sent each book away fast - I want to see, feel, make, create! Now! But I guess we all have a lot of stuff in our lives that we need to attend to too.

This is my whole book right now:

My first entry
I like the forward motion, it so fits the book style and I hope it invites to continues fun!

Looking forward to doing another spread in the next book to arrive... soon I hope.

PS: Welcome to visit my own blog too!