Monday, August 25, 2008

Sorry for being really late

Hi Guys. Sorry for being late.. Very late.. I'm very busy lately so I can't keep up with all the molys. But I'll do better next time. I've sent to Kira today with both mine and Hanna's moly.

My theme is.. what makes you brave?
I have to go through a surgery and I'm having a health condition now. It's not cancer yet but it's soon. And I'm so young!! So I was going through a lot of negative emotions and crying all day. So that's why I got this theme.

Sending both Hanna's and My molys.

I love the theme Happiness. It gives me a lot of inspirations.

I'm making all these during the closing ceremony of the Olympic last night. Haha.



Tara Ross Studios said...

so sorry to hear about your health, warm thoughts and prayers your way.

rockronie said...

Thanks. I'm taking medicines and hopefully it will help. Don't really know what happen next. But just one step at a time.

iHanna said...

Ronny! I did just see this entry (oh I need to be more alert!) and I love what you did in my moly! I love the little punched round shapes and that your entry is overlaping mine! &hearts! I hope your surgery will go well and that you will find courage within to be brave. I'm glad I know your theme when I get your book, I'll be thinking about what makes be brave until I get it - nice theme!