Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shall we close this account?

Sadly, this group appear dead. I am going to clear it for a new group. Anyone here want to start a new improved group?


iHanna said...

Hey Marty, I wasn't aware that you would have the power to close a blog that we (Dawn) started to document our books traveling around the world?

I still haven't got mine back and I'm working in Ronny's, after I send it off the books will have made just one round among the four of us!

I'm a big disappointed that there are so few posts on this blog and the slowness of this project, but I'm hopeful I will get my book back soon. :-) After that I'm through with the round-robin for a while I think, though I might buy one accordion book to work in myself, because I do LOVE the format.

My best creative wishes to everyone,
take care and enjoy the summer!

Ronny said...

I have Kira's moly with me and I'm really sorry about the delay. I was sick and I just moved back home. Everything is still chaotic. I can't find my art supplies but the molys are still safe with me (I put them in the good place). I'll try to finish and post them at the end of this month. Sorry guys!!

And Marty, we're just really busy with our own stuff so we didn't trade according to scheduled. We'll keep on going.

Dawn said...

Marty, we are still working on these...just not as swiftly as we should. I am working in Hanna's now...should be sending on to her soon!

Dawn said...

AND, I agree with Hanna...we just haven't been able to get our act together...I think I'm done with round robins for a while as well. It's difficult to work on them with everything else...

Marty Harris said...

Did I scare you all? Sorry.

Yes, I do have the power to close down this blog, like the great and powerful OZ. I appreciate your feedback, and I am thrilled that you are all still at it. I hope you will continue to exchange and evolve this group.

Please understand that I was going through all of the groups looking for blogs that have been stagnant. I probably noticed that it had been a long time since there had been activity on this blog.

I look forward to seeing how your books turn out.